YouTube Video & Video Embed Code Html (Complete Guide)

We often use images on the website. Which is also easy to use. But it is difficult for a YouTube Video & Video to be used on the website.

Because video has to be embedded as an iframe in it. For that, we use the video embed code Html.

With the help of which we can add a video to any web page.

So stay with us in this article, in which you will know how you can embed videos on your website.

So let’s start without wasting time.


How To Embed Video In The Website Using HTML Code

Like we have gone above to use the iframe element to embed a video in a website. So first, let’s know about this iframe element, how to use it.

<iframe width = “width-size” height = “height-size” src = “video URL”>


In this iframe element, you can increase and decrease the height and width of the video.

In SRC Attribute Source, you can add the URL of the video which we want to show on the website.



<title> HTML Embed Tag </title>



<embed src = “easyhinditutorials / video / video.mp4” width = “250” height = “100” />



How To Embed Youtube Video Using Html Code

It is very easy to embed any youtube video on a web page. So let’s now know how you can add youtube videos to your website.

To add a video, you need the video embed code and the URL of the video you want to show. You should add a link to your youtube video as src in the iframe section.

Also, you can modify your embed video by adding some attributes to the iframe.

The following attributes can be used for this.





You can use all these attributes inside your iframe tag. To take the link to a youtube video, click on the share button of the video.

You will see the URL of the video in it, you copy it. And add that URL to the iframe.


If you want to add a video to your website or a web page, then you can easily use the iframe element.

In which you can embed any video, in which only you need the URL of the video.

If you want to add to the youtube video website, then you can take the embedded video of your YouTube video in the share of the youtube video.

And while embedding youtube’s video, you can also modify it.

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