Why Free Fire Got Banned In India?

Hello my dear friends welcome in this new blog, in today’s blog I will tell you the reason why Indian government banned the free fire from the play store game, and if you want to play the free fire game & you haven’t install it in your mobile then don’t worry I will tell you the steps that how you can install the game in your mobile, and have we need to use VPN for playing GARENA FREE FIRE game? so I will tell you the answers of these question, so now let’s start the blog.

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Can we play the free fire game without using VPN?

Answer: Yes, we can now play the free fire game without using any VPN but do you know that before the day of GARENA FREE FIRE got banned from play store, the server of GARENA FREE FIRE was stop working & none was able to play free fire without using the VPN.

How to download/install GARENA FREE FIRE game?

Answer: You can’t download/install the GARENA FREE FIRE game from play store or app store, if you want to download/install the GARENA FREE FIRE game then just follow these simple steps:

step 1. first open any browser.

step 2. and now search “download GARENA FREE FIRE game by APK pure”

step 3. now open the first website that will appear in the search list

step 4. before opening make sure that you are opening apkpure’s website.

step 5. and there you will get a download button, so simply click on that download button and your downloading will start.

[Note: it is not necessary that you download the game from the apkpure website you can also check the another websites which provides you the GARENA FREE FIRE game.]

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Why Indian government banned the free fire?

Answer: So there is some issue related to security and this is a main reason why Indian government banned this game, and some of the GARENA FREE FIRE’s player is also saying that this is normal this was also happen before some years ago, just play your game normally and after some time the free fire game will also unbanned from the play store or app store.

Do you know that the Indian government haven’t banned the GARENA FREE FIRE game only the Indian government have banned the 54 apps including the free fire game.

Should GARENA FREE FIRE game banned?

Answer: So this is not my own opinion but there are so many people who are saying that GARENA FREE FIRE game should banned and they are saying because they see there children play free fire game whole day and they think that this game is very addictive and will destroy the future of there kids and that is the reason why people want to banned this game in India, now my dear friends what do you think about this important topic? If you think that no they are wrong the free fire game shouldn’t banned, then read the next paragraph carefully.

So do you know that this game is not much addictive even none game is addictive, people make the game addictive by showing the things which they get in the game like if you are playing the free fire game and none of your friends play this game then there is very high chance that you will also leave playing this game & at that time this game will not considered as addictive by your parents because it’s the human nature that none can do one things for so much time like you can’t play this game so many times there will be a day on which you will say that now let’s delete this game.

So what I want to say with these examples, so I am just simply trying to say that friends are the reason who make the game attractive, like let you are playing the free fire game and your friends also play this game, then maybe your friends have some more things or your friends have some higher rank then you will also want that you have also those things and you also have the rank or have the higher rank then him, and that’s why you will play that game for so much times and you will also ask for money to your parents so that you can buy the bundles that he have, so now your parents will think this game is attractive.

How to play GARENA FREE FIRE game in PC/laptop?

Answer: In my thinking you don’t have the mobile and you have computer or laptop and you want to play the free fire game in that, am I right? If yes, then don’t worry I will tell you the step that how you can play this game in your computer/laptop, so simply just follow these steps:

step 1. first you need to download the android emulator in your PC to run this game, for downloading the emulator simply download the android emulator by watching the video on YouTube, and don’t forget to check the requirement of the emulator to run in your PC.

step 2. install that emulator.

step 3. after installing the android emulator, simply open the play store in your emulator and now search there GARENA FREE FIRE game & install it.

step 4. after installing, now open the game & there you will get the options that how you can control the game, so you can also customize the buttons for your comfort.

[Note: Please make sure that you have best specs in your laptop or computer otherwise after installing the android emulator your PC can do some hang.]

How can we play GARENA FREE FIRE if got banned in future?

Answer: So this is very simple you have to use the VPN for playing the GARENA FREE FIRE game, but do you know that after using the VPN even with fast internet connection you will get the higher ping in the game, so don’t worry I am now going to tell you the trick which you can use to get the lower ping even while using the VPN, so just follow these steps:

step 1. first install the best VPN, you can install any VPN but if you will ask to me then I will suggest you to install the “super VPN” and this is very good VPN at all.

step 2. now connect that VPN with some other country’s server.

step 3. after connecting the VPN, simply open the GARENA FREE FIRE game.

step 4. and after playing one match with VPN just disconnect the VPN and play the game without any VPN with lower ping, this is 100% working trick & I have already used it when GARENA FREE FIRE game was banned for one day.

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