What is Cryptography And Network Security (Updates 2020)

Internet: We all know this name very well and everyone uses it. Nowadays, we all do more than half of our work online i.e. on the Internet, such as – banking, shopping, many transactions, etc.


    Cryptography And Network Security

    To do all these tasks, we have to put information related to our account on the site. That is, we have to put all our information on the site. Like – address, number, debit or credit card number, and password, etc.


    But in your mind, the question must have come that how all this information shared by us is safe, or whether we have shared this information with whom it goes to the same or to anyone else.

    If you think so, then it is absolutely correct.

    It can happen that you can go to anyone other than the person you are sharing your information with.


    When we message someone with the help of the internet, apart from the message receiver, it is also done by a hacker. He can also take advantage of this wrongly.

    To avoid this and to keep our data secure, “cryptography” is used.

    So let’s know about cryptography and how it keeps our data secure.

    What is Cryptography?

    Cryptography is a technique under which secure communication can be done. That is, it prevents data communication between any two persons from going to any other third person.

    There are two types of text in cryptography

    plain text


    The job of plain text is to convert digital information or message into code. That means encrypting. This is a difficult code that not everyone can read or understand. This unreadable data is called ciphertext. This ciphertext is transmitted.


    When information or message reaches the sender, it is in the form of ciphertext. So the sender decryption scheme on that ciphertext and converting it back to digital text, and message or information is retrieved.

    In this way, data can be sent securely from one device to another in the network using cryptography.

    What is Encryption & Decryption

    Network Security

    Encryption is a method in cryptography that converts plain text to the ciphertext in the sender site. The encryption is performed by the sender.

    A key is used to encrypt the data. The HASH algorithm is used to encrypt data and keys.

    In decryption methods through the receiver site, the ciphertext is converted back to plain text. And it is perforated by the receiver.

    Type of Cryptography

    1.Symmetric-key cryptography 

    It is also called the cryptography of symmetric, as well as shared cryptography and secret cryptography.

    In this cryptography, a type of process is used for both the decryption and encryption process. Which is called a secret key?

    In symmetric cryptography, the sender encrypts the data by using, then through the same secret key, the receiver decrypts the data.

    2.Asymmetric key cryptography

    This cryptography is also called public-key cryptography. It has the reverse of the symmetric key cryptography.

    In this, different keys have to be used to encrypt and decrypt the data.

    In the process of encryption, the sender has to use the public key, then in the process of decryption, the receiver has to use the private key.

    So, friends, we have learned very well about cryptography in this article so far. This prevents data communication between any two persons from going to the other third person or from reading it.

    How to Work Cryptography 

    So guys when we use encrypted messaging service like WhatsApp

    Or any other app sends a message, then the thru message of this service is converted into code.

     And it is scrambled to create encryption. After which only that message can be received or gained.

    Digital encryption is very complex, due to which it is difficult for anyone to crack it.

    To increase its security further, whenever a two-person communicates, a new set of encryption algorithms are created.

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