What is Cloud Computing (Trend : Example,Type,Service,Benefits)

You may have heard this word many times and I know that after hearing it many questions will come in your mind, many doubts will come.

So friends, after reading this article, all your doubts will make sure clear.

So let’s know first about cloud what is cloud computing?

    What is  Cloud Computing?


    All of you must be thinking that it is a cloud of the sky. Your thinking is absolutely correct, but in today’s technology, it means the internet. In other words, friends, this is a set of combinations of hardware and software.

     Now let’s talk about Cloud Computing Definition when we get some service through the internet, it is called cloud computing. Such as – storage servers, software applications, and network devices, etc.

    Cloud Computing Define


    Nowadays cloud computing is used by many companies. This allows users to use cloud computing to run their company’s applications or for data storage. And for this, they have to pay the charge.

    Friends, in the world nowadays, we get to see competition in everything like sports, education, technology, etc.

    We all need service on the internet without any delay. If an application freezes or people do not get service on time, then they start showing dissatisfaction.

    We can not put any pressure on the old mainframe computing to meet the needs of the people on time, and cloud distributed computing technology was used to solve the problem. Due to which big businesses are able to do all their work easily without any trouble.

    Examples of Cloud Computing


    So, friends, we have learned about cloud computing, now it is time to do some exams. Many companies use this for the convenience of their customers. Like – banks, eCommerce sites, social sites, we all use these websites on our regular day. So friends, let’s talk about the best example of cloud computing.


    This is a famous example of cloud computing. This is a cloud base public software. It is used for data saving and data accessing. It is used to host video files of millions of users.

    Google Docs 

     This is a cloud base web application that is used to create documentation and spreadsheet. Along with this, the option to edit and publish documents is also given.

    Picasa And Flicker 

    This is an app used by many people. Which hosts digital photographs of millions of users on their servers.

     Apple Cloud 

     This is a cloud base storage system designed for Apple devices.

    Adobe Creative Cloud 

    This is the cloud base online application platform of an adobe system, it is used for graphic designing.

    Cloud Computing Benefits


    After knowing about cloud computing, it is a matter of fact that you all want to know about its benefits.

    So, friends, there are many useful benefits of cloud computing which is very beneficial for many companies, businesses.

    Reduce IT cost 

    If I talk about the use of cloud computing, then using it saves our IT Coast a lot, like – we do not have to buy servers to run our data storage or applications. And at the same time, their Maintenance Coast survives.



    Companies can increase or decrease it according to the computing they need. In cloud computing, we get savings in IT infrastructure expenses and elasticity with our data prevention. With this, we can do the regular work of our office whenever we want. For this, we need a computer and internet. So that we can connect to our cloud servers and do our work.

    Worldwide Access

    Cloud service such as Google drive We can access files by storing files whenever you want. It does not matter that we have said that.

    With the use of cloud computing, we can access our documents from any part of the world. Now, if we talk about business, it is very beneficial for that.

    You may be thinking about how can the employee work in it without carrying the document. This increases productivity and at the same time, information exchange is rapid.

    Pay Per Use 

    In this, the computer resources are measured at the granular level so that the users only have to pay the resources and workloads that they use.

    More storage 

    Friends, if we talk about memory nowadays, it is limited for any special device, but it is not so in cloud computing. In this, we can store data according to our own.

    Easy Set-Up

    Setting up the cloud computing service is very easy. There is no need to do much in this, only it has to be done by selecting the password or selecting which device on the network.

     Cloud Computing Service Models



    Infrastructure as a service(Iaas)

    These are service self-service models that are used for accessing, monitoring, and managing infrastructure. Jesse – servers, firewalls, cdn | iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) on-demand accesses the IT infrastructure. With this, we run storage, network, and computer.

    Platform as a service (Paas) 

    This is a cloud base environment that we use to develop, test, run, and manage our applications. webserver, execution runtime, and online database are included in this service.

    With this, we can speed up our work and release the application quickly. Like – e-mail service, g-mail, outlook- com

    Software as a service (Saas) 

    saas works to access the web. This small business is the most common form used by the company. In this, host software is used on remote servers. And our web browser runs through the application.

    Now, if we talk about some of its examples, then it includes web base e-mail, office software, online games, customer relationship management systems, and communication tools, etc.

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