Useful List of Social Bookmarking Sites For Boost Your Website (2020)

If you have a website or you are a blogger then you will know that to get traffic to the website, we should have good backlink and good authority of a domain.

But this task is not easy, for this we have to take backlink from the best site for our site, meaning to do link building of our site.

So today we will know one such process, which will prove to be effective for our site, this is a social bookmarking site.

    What is Social Bookmarking Site

    Bookmarking is a great way to promote our website and to get a good backlink, it also comes under off-page SEO.

    In social bookmarking, when a user does a bookmark of his website on the bookmarking site, then it is shown in front of our website multiple users, which increases the popularity of our website.

    On the social bookmarking site, we can be bookmarking our website with content or URL.

    Why is the Importance of Social Bookmarking?


    Seo is the biggest factor in website ranking, we do many things to increase the SEO of the website.


    • Create backlink
    • Directory submission
    • Articles Submission
    • Do link building
    • On-page and off-page SEO

    In the same way, we do social bookmarking, there is also a possibility of getting a quality backlink for our site.

    Why is a Social Bookmarking Important  for Website Ranking


    When our website is new or when our website is not in good rank, then our first responsibility is that we get our website to get a good rank as soon as possible.

    But it is not so easy to increase the ranking of the website because in search results many websites are ranking in search engines with good authority on good positions, in which it is difficult to bring our website among them.

    But it can be possible only when the link-building, backlink, authority of our site is good. For this, we do social bookmarking which proves useful for our ranking and SEO.

    Best Way to Do Social Bookmarking

    • Follow these following points while booking.
    • The first job is the DA and PA of the social site on which bookmakers are doing.
    • If https is a bookmarking site is better to avoid Http site.
    • The site’s spam score is not low, because of bookmarking on such a site, it makes a bad impression on your site.
    • Suck the site one by one with a caliber.
    • On the social bookmarking site, you have to do your registration, in which you have to enter your email id, password, and username.
    • (If possible, whenever you register on any site, then do not use the password of your email id, use a different password)
    • You can post yourself according to your category and relevant topic
    • Use an image related to your content in a post
    • Then you can post.

    List of Top Free of Social Bookmarking Site

    1. Facebook

    2. Twitter

    3. Reddit

    4. Tumblr

    5. Pinterest

    6. LinkedIn –

    7. Stumble upon

    8. Diigo

    9. Digg

    10. Slashdot


    12. Pocket

    13. We Heart It

    14. Fark

    15. Dribbble

    16. Folkd BizSugar

    The advantage of social bookmarking

    1. A good way to convey your content to people
    2. Social bookmarking is the best way to bring traffic to a new website.
    3. The benefit occurs in website ranking
    4. useful for backlink
    5. This increases brand value
    6. Links to referring domain for the website
    7. Good traffic will increase on your website or blog
    8. Website has popularity
    9. There is an improvement in authority

    List of Social Bookmarking Site


    Do not do this in social bookmarking

    • Do not bookmark your site much later in the day, this may block the account of your social bookmarking site.
    • Use the URL of your post only. Use the URL of the homepage of your website
    • Avoid bookmarking in HTTP URL
    • Do not create a fake id on bookmarking site.

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