Top 5 awesome speakers for your house 2024

Nowadays we are all busy in our daily life and do lots of work and things in a day. this lot of work makes us tired and stressed. 
To release this stress we hear music because it’s the best medicine to keep our mind cool and stressless.

For this, we need a source that fills our space with music. I bring some awesome speakers for you which will be you satisfied.  




Echo (4th Gen) | Premium Sound Powered by Dolby and Alexa (Black)

Here I bring for you the best Alexa speaker you can complete any room with Alexa. it is an Alexa 4th generation speaker which is so cool and advanced from previous ones. 
Its compact and ball-like rapping design is easy to hold and fits perfectly into small spaces. 
the all-new echo gives premium sound and delivers clear highs, dynamic mids, and deep for a rich awesome, detailed sound that adapts to any room.
the new Echo 4th generation is a ball-like rapping shape with a fun design and ring light in the bottom .it is 5.2 inches tall and 5.7 inches wide. it’s available in black, blue, and white closures. 

this new echo dot is made of fabric and aluminum so it’s 100% recycled materials. 


Assistant Support
Amazon Alexa
Black, Blue, Chalk, Charcoal, White
AUX, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Smart Speaker, Wireless
9 cm


Features – 

the echo dot contains so many features which can make our life convenient. sometimes we get lazy in doing little things and hope that someone does it for us like on- off the light, fan, tv.
Now, this Alexa speaker can do it for you whenever you want without doing any argument which is what we want. what works you can except Alexa –
1. We can set an alarm in your speaker you have just say Alexa set alarm.
2. We can play music just say Alexa plays music from Spotify.
3. We can operate your home’s electric appliances by connecting them with Alexa.
4. We can shop with Alexa just say ” Alexa add this item to my shopping list “.
5. We can pay our bills with Alexa. and many more. 

privacy –

1. Alexa gives us multiple layers of privacy protection. 
2. When we turn on our device, only then does the device record and send our request to Amazon’s secure cloud.
3. All of our interactions with Alexa are encrypted and securely stored in amazon’s cloud.
4. We can hear, view, and delete our voice recording at the Alexa privacy setting at any time. we have to just say “Alexa delete what I just said “.
  Pros                                                Cons 
1. Easy to operate.                                                                                   1. weak bass.
2. Affordable.
3. 3.5 mm output.
4. Fast responsive.
5 . loud enough for small size rooms.

2. JBL charge 4-

JBL is the most famous and great sound quality speakers brand and it is come in topmost awesome speakers rang.
JBL has had a sharp clean sound. here is JBL charge 4 which is a mid-size portable speaker with Bluetooth features and awesome sound quality. 
In this speakers are on both ends instead of the top. due to its cylindrical shape, it’s easy to hold.
Why JBL –
If you are an all-time music lover and want quality sound then JBL 4 charge is the best one for you. you can find all features and quality which you want in your speaker. 
This is the best speaker to feel your daily space with music. JBL produces an awesome sound with good quality and sharp clarity .this speaker is enough to make the walls of your room vibrate.  generally, we carry our speaker with us on an adventure or maybe on travel. these speakers give good battery life for hours. 
this is a Bluetooth speaker which has excellent rang   Bluetooth connectivity without any problem so you can easily connect your mobile device to your speaker. it is waterproof so you can use it near water. 
1. JBL charge produces 30w output power.
2. It has 20 hours long battery life.
3. It is a smart Bluetooth speaker with a 4.2 Bluetooth rang.
4. It has 7500 mah battery capacity power.
5. It is a waterproof speaker. 
6. JBL has a connect+ feature which means you can connect multiple speakers to boost sound. 
7. It has an auto power-off function.

  Pros –                                                 Cons-

1. Waterproof speakers                                                                       1. No speakerphone function  
2. USB-c charging.                                                                             2. Buttons are flat or not lit up 
                                                                                                                so it’s hard to find in dark.
3. Long battery life.
4. With this we can charge portable devices.
5 . Long battery life.

3. Sonos Roem –

  Here is a Sonos Roam smart powerful portable speaker with lots of features. This is a tiny and lightweight smart speaker with a rugged design and made up of hard plastic with an intricately drilled front grille and rubberized caps on the top and bottom. 
 you can carry it with you wherever you go without any second thought. it is more compact than other speakers. It seems like normal speakers but it is more than that.
 Sonos Rome gives a bass-heavy audio performance and excellent connectivity feature. its sound quality is better than its tiny size. It sounds louder enough with sharp quality.
Sonos Rome is a Google Assistant and Alexa support with a smart home control feature this feature makes it different from other speakers. this is also a waterproof speaker so you can use it while working near water. 
Assistant Support
Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri
Black, White
Bluetooth, Ethernet, IrDA, NFC, USB, Wi-Fi
16.8 cm

Features –

1. automatic true play 
2. 10+ hours battery life.
3. Buttons control.
4. Voice enabled.
 5. Wi-Fi.
6. Bluetooth 

Pros                                                           Cons 

1. Easy portable speaker.                                                                              1. Costly.

2. wireless charging.                                                                                    2. No longer battery life.                            

3. Supports Google Assistant, Alexa, and                                                    3. No speakerphone function      Airplay 2. 
4 Waterproof.                                                                                              4. No stereo pairing over 

4. Sony SRS-XB33-

    • This is Sony SRS-XB33 portable wireless speaker. sony added this highly portable wireless speaker to its array of devices. 

       It has an excellent sound quality which is enough to fill a room or the outdoor with sound. It has perfect bass and treble sound. 

      this is an awesome well-built Bluetooth speaker with incredible extra bass and so clear and crisp sound. 

      it is easy to connect with your smartphone so you don’t have to wait long to hear the song. it has long battery life and it’s very durable.
      it is waterproof and dustproof so dust, soil, sand are little concern for it. it is not affected by bumps, scrapes. it will also be working well even you fall it down. It has an ip67 rating which means it is a waterproof speaker even though you can wash it. 

Black, Blue, Red
AUX, Bluetooth, NFC, USB, Wi-Fi
Portable, Wireless
Power Source
  • Features 

  • 1. Bluetooth with 5.0 rang 
  • 2. 24 hours long battery life.
  • 3. waterproof & dustproof.
  • 4 USB power ports for smartphones. 
  • 5. Eco and energy saving.

pros                                                       cons 

1. Very portable design                                                                           1. Distortion at a high level
2. Support NFC and multi-device pairing.                                             2. Smart assistant unavailable.                   
3. Excellent sound. 
4. Amazing controllable lighting.
5. Durable.
  • 5. UE Boom 3-
  • This is UE boom 3  which is a rugged and good-looking best portable speaker. it has a much-improved base sound and basic equalizer so you can adjust the sound according to your preferences. 
  • It has amazing, very clear, or balanced sound. with it is well finished qua; it product. it is also a waterproof speaker so you can use it near water too .it has nearly 15 hours of battery time. it’s up to you how loud you play music, your battery will last that way.
  •  it has two 2-inch drivers and two 4-inch passive radiators for room-filling sound.
  • you can control the turning on and off of your device with the Boom 3 app or device equalizers. it’s easy to use. this speaker has great Bluetooth connectivity. 
  • you can easily connect your speaker to other devices without any issue. you can also connect two UE Boom 3s for stereo sound.
Black, Blue, Night Black, Red, White
AUX, Bluetooth, NFC, USB, Wi-Fi
Portable, Wireless
Frequency Response
90 Hz
Power Source
Battery, USB

Specifications – 

1. it has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery 
which gives up to 15 hours of battery life.
2. Able to connect up to two devices at the same 
time for awesome sound.
3. 45m Bluthooth rang
4. waterproof. 
5. Produce spatial 360dgree sound. 
        Pros –                                             Cons-
1. Excellent sound with bass                                                            1. No weird connection                                                        
2. portable                                                                                        2. the mid-tone is not strong enough.


3. waterproof .                                                                                  3. No AUX  input.                        
4. Easy to operate. 

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