The Games Which Never Ends

Hello my dear friends in this new & amazing blog I will tell you some games which never ends and if you want then you can also try it, and I will also tell you about the game, for example when that game was made and who made that game, so this blog would be helpful for you and if you want then you can also share this blog with your friends.

* The List Of Games Which Never Ends
1) Subway Surfers – So in my thinking everyone is know about the subway surfers game but maybe you don’t know this game was developed by Kiloo and released on 23 May 2012, in this game the character run on the train’s track and also on the trains, and none one completed the running yet.
2) Temple Run 2 – Temple run 2 is the second game which is never ends and there is so many games which never ends but I am just taking the never ending running games and do you know that in this game the main things is diamond the coins and if you want to get one more alive after going out then you have to spend diamonds for getting extra lives.
3) Sonic Boom – So maybe you don’t know about this game so let me tell you about this game, so this game is not same like a temple run 2 and subway surfers, this game have it’s own look like in this game the cat run on ground and in this game the map can be curve and in this game you don’t need to collect the coins, you have to collect the rings in this game and the rings will work as the money and you can purchase anything with that rings.
4) Traffic Racer – So this is also a one of my favourite game and I have played this game for many years and have also unlock so many cars & locations in this game, and I will also suggest you to play this game and you will also like this game and if you wan to know more about this game then let me tell you, so in this game you drive cars and earn money by overtaking the cars and also by drive for long time, and in this game you will get so many supercars like Ferrari and Aston Martin and many more.
5) Traffic Rider – This game is same as the traffic rider game but the differences are, in traffic racer you have cars to drive but this game have bike for riding and you can also ride bikes on willy and this is real awesome game and like traffic racer this game also have so many super bikes and also so many good locations and you can also customize that bikes with money.
6) Hill Climb Racing – Hill climb racing is very old game and maybe you already know about it but let me tell you that I have never completed any one stage yet, and if you have completed then please let me know in the comment box by commenting down it, 22 September 2012, and was developed by Fingersoft and if you don’t know about this game and never listen the name of this game then don’t worry I am going to tell you about this game, so this game is normal game like you can understand this game by watching it’s logo and it’s name, in this game you drive cars and ride bikes on hills and you also collect coins to upgrade the cars and for buying new stages but this game is some hard because in this game you have to collect the fuel for your car or bike, and if you wouldn’t collect the fuel then you will out, and this is also the reason why I can’t go much away in any stages of this game.
7) Dr. driving – This game was only famous for some months because I don’t like this game too much because this game’s quality and the gaming experience was not much good and in my thinking this was famous because of the Ads that he shows so many times but I am not saying this was bad and I want to tell you that many of my friends like this game, and play this game for enough time, and I also play this game but I don’t like this game, and for your kind information I want to tell you that in this game only the lane mode is endless otherwise there are so many modes which is not endless like brake fail and parking and the truck mode, so this game was released on 19 June 2023, and developed by SUD incorporated.
So this was the games which is endless and if you know more game’s name then please comment it in the comment box, and if you are liking this game then please share this blog with your blogs.
* Game Size Of These Games
So if you will see the game size of this type games then you will see that none game have the bigger file size than 200MB and that is also the reason which make these makes popular because you already know that many people have not a good mobile, and they can’t play the games like Garena Free Fire, PUBG & Call Of Duty and there is also one more reason which make this game popular which is many people have only there data pack and mostly people activate the 1.5GB per day data, and they can’t install the big games in that data pack.
Q. Which Type Of Games Can’t be endless?
Answer: So the games which have levels or have the mission that type of games can’t be endless and There are the list of games which is not endless.
1) Clash Of Clans
2) 8 Ball Pool
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