Smart Guide For : Keyword Placement in Articles

Keyword has an important role in your posts and articles. If our content is unique, the best keyword is in our post. Still, we are not ranking in the search engine.

So the biggest reason for this is the placement of keyword in your content is not right.

    Today in this article, we will know how you can place keywords.


    What is Keyword Placement

    Whenever you write an article or prepare a content, then in that way to use Kevord, meaning that Kevord is told that using it is called Keyword Placement.

     Keyword Placement Important for SEO


    Yes, Keyword Placement is the part of SEO in which you have to place your target keyword in your content or article so that the keyword is not stuffing and the Search engine also knows which keyword your article targets.

    1.Your Target Keyword in title

    The first reading of using keyword in your content and article is the title, in which you have to use your target keyword (main keyword) 

    And remember the title is only in the h1 tag.

    2.In the meta description

    Whenever our page shows in the search engine, it shows our title, URL, and meta description.

    This is our first impression for users and crawls, for this, use your main keyword description.

    The description of length is decreasing, so you can use it related Keyword to it.

    3.Starting in article


    You must use the main keyword in the first paragraph of the article and the top line should be the best and attractive.

    Always keep in mind that in the article, do not use keywords again and again. This causes the impression of our site in front of the user.

    4. Use in the image alt tag

    We do use the image in our article, if we do not, then we should.

    We also know that it is very important to have an image Seo, so we use the alt tag for Seo in the image. so you must add your keyword to the alt tag and image title.

    Whenever you write a keyword in the alt tag, there is no space in it. For that _ or – you can do it.





    Keep in mind that do not use your tag keyword in all images. Use the same tag in the same image.

    5.Place keyword in the last paragraph 

    If you have completed your article, now you must add your keyword to the last paragraph. Use the keyword in your conclusion or suggestion.

    Do not do this during keyword placement

    • Do not use Kevord again and again
    • Take care of Keyword density.
    • Do not keyword stuffing.
    • Keep Keyword ratio of 1-3% in the article
    • Do not use keywords in every image. 
    • Do not bolt or underline every keyword.

    How to use Keyword correctly

    It is very important to do Keyword Research as much as it is important to do it correctly.

    So do the bolts, italic, or underline your keys as you used them.

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