Play Subway Surfer In PC Without Android Emulator

How To Download Subway Surfer In PC?

Hello my dear friends in this amazing blog I will let you know that how you can play the subway surfer game in PC and I will now tell you that how you can download the subway surfers game in PC, so just follow these steps what I will tell you now and you will successfully download your subway surfers game in PC.

Step 1) – So the first step is go to your browser and search “download subway surfers game for PC” and after searching just open the first website.

Step 2) – Search the download button on that site which will help you to download the subway surfer game and if you will find that download button then simply just click on download button and download it, and before leaving the website make sure that your downloading have started.

Step 3) – After downloading the game simply install it and you don’t need to do anything extra while installing the game just click next and install it.

How To Play Subway Surfers In Computer(Movement & Jumps)?

So after installing the setup of the subway surfers game just open it and if you want to play this game then just simply click on “Tap to play” button and after clicking your game will start and the Jack will start running and you can control the movement with your mouse you just have to click and drag right to go right side and if you want to get the hoverboard then you can simply double click your mouse and the hoverboard will come.

Subway Surfer Online – Play Free

So my friends I have one more trick that you can use to play the subway surfers game even without installing it, and this is very simple method, if you want to use this method then you just need only computer with internet, so now I will tell you the steps so simply just follow them.

Step 1) – First open any browser and search “” and after searching you will come on the main page of

Step 2) – Now you will see the subway surfer game just click on that game.

Step 3) – And after clicking you will see that your game will ready to play so just click on the “Tap to play” button and start playing that game

*Note: If you want then you can play this game in the full screen also and you will get the option to make the game in full screen at the bottom right corner of the game.

Can You Play The Subway Surfers Game In PC With Keyboard?

Yes, you can play the Subway Surfers game with your key board in your computer, and in my thinking you should play this game with only keyboard for getting more score, because I have tried this game with both keyboard and with mouse also and I feel best when I was playing with keyboard.

Some Characters Which Can’t Be Unlocked With Coins

so here are the list of some characters in subway surfers game which can’t be unlocked with coins:

* Yutani

* Zombie Jake

* Tricky

* Fresh

* Spike

* Miss Maia

* Dino

* Alex

* Jasmine

* Kareem

* Lee

* Salma

* Zuri

* Festive Frank

* Hasina

Some Boards Which Can’t Be Unlocked With Coins

Here are 5 boards which can’t be unlocked with coins:

* Atomic Tile

* Camel

* Crew Crush

* Blue Ice

* Scarab

How To Save Your Subway Surfers Game In Google Play?

Now I am going to tell you that how you can save your game in Google Play and if you will do this then your game will be save for whole life and no one can delete your game after uninstalling the subway surfers game, so follow these steps:

Step 1) First open the setting in the subway surfer game.

Step 2) Now click on connect button in play games option.

Step 3) Now select the google account.

Step 4) After that your play games is now connected and will be safe for ever.

*Note: If you want then you can also save your game with the Facebook account.

Best Board Game In Subway Surfers Game

* Here are Two Boards which I like most in the subway surfers game, please don’t mind but this is my own opinion and it could happen that you like some other board, so please don’t mind.

1) Bouncer – So this board is amazing because when you will use this board then you will also get the bouncing sneaker with this board and that is the reason why I like this board, but if you want to buy this board then you need 280K coins to buy this board.

2) Lowrider – The second board which I like is lowrider board and I like this board because in this board you will get a feature to stay in low level means you don’t need swipe down while running, and the cost of this board is 320K coins, and this board is very costly then other boards.

3) Daredevil – Daredevil is not much costly board in this game but the feature of this board is so awesome, do you know that your speed will increase if you will use this board while running and your score increasing speed will also increase and the cost of this board is 85K coins this is not much costly as compare to the other two boards.

Q. What Is The Main Use Of Board In Subway Surfers Game?

Answer. So the Board can save your life for 30 seconds, if you will use that normally but it is usable at that moment when you see that you don’t have any option to save your life at that time you use the board.

For Example: At that time when you get stuck between two trains.

The functions of Boosts In Subway Surfer Game

So now I am going to tell you the function of the boosts in this game and you can’t control this boosts while running like hoverboard, these boosts given to you by the game and it is random that you get these boosts, you can get these boosts any where and in these boosts you can control only one thing which is the upgradation of these boosts, you can upgrade these boosts.

1) Jetpack – So the function of this jetpack is very simple, you will start flying with this jetpack you will get this and if you will upgrade it then you can fly for more time while running and it is very useful because while using this jetpack you don’t have any fear to got caught by the police and you also get bonus coins while using this jetpack.

2) Super Sneaker – The use of this Super Sneaker is very simple you can also understand the function of this super sneaker by just reading it’s name, the function of this super sneaker is to jump higher and you can also jump over the trains while using this super sneaker, and if there is coins in that lane in which you are running and you are jumping over them then the super sneaker will pull the coins to you.

3) Coin Magnet – So the function of this coin magnet is to pull all coins to you which is in the other lane while running, and it is very useful if you are playing the game to but any board or character to show that to your friends, and maybe if you will use this hoverboard in beginning of playing then you will not like this coin magnet but you will like this if you will upgrade it with spending some coins.

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