Play Chess In Your Mobile & Make Your Brain Sharp

Hello my dear friends in this new blog I will let you know about the best chess game which you can play in the mobile and can make your brain sharp and I will also share some important thing which you should know about the chess game like, how much MB will this contain and which chess game is best, and I will also show you the ratings and reviews of that game which I will tell you to install in your mobile, so now let’s start this blog.

Q- Which Chess Game Is Best?

Answer- So my dear friends you know that there are so many chess games available on the internet and maybe you are confused in that which is best, so now let me tell you that the best version is available on the internet of the chess game is “Chess” and this is the name of the chess game which you can download from the play store or from any where which you like and do you know that the downloads of this chess game is more than 100 million and the rating of this game is 4.3 and this is awesome rating for any game, and this game have also 1.7 million reviews and let me show you some reviews.

Reviews of this game

1. I like playing chess offline but this time I am playing it online and I am enjoying it. This is a wonderful game but I request to unlock all the levels. Otherwise we have to keep playing to unlock the same. If it improved I will definitely give this game a 5 star.

2. Game is amazing they give you successive levels which gets unlocked after you finish the previous level the best thing is 100 puzzles that they provide in which year they give a situation where you have to check mate in 1 or 2 steps which goes on increasing after you solve the puzzles.

3. Have been playing this for years! They have the best machine. Challenging since in order to play any level you have to clear the previous level.

[Note: These reviews are real and written by humans and I have get it from others sources.]

How To Install The Best Chess Game?

Answer: This is very simple just follow the steps and download the game.

Step 1. First open the play store or app store.

Step 2. Search in the search bar “Chess”.

Step 3. Open the first chess game. [Be careful don’t open the chess game which is shown by ads]

Step 4. Now install this and start enjoying that game.

If you guys want to play this game online then you can also do that, but if you don’t want to play this game online then I suggest you to please turn off the WIFI and the mobile data before opening this game, because this game have so ads which is not good at all.

How To Play This Game?

Answer: After installing this game simple follow these steps:

step 1. open the game.

step 2. after opening the opening the game there you will see the play button.

step 3. now click on the play button and after clicking on the play button your game will start.

step 4. Now play, and on the other side the game would played by computer.

Some Extra Knowledge

* Do you know this game was released on 25th June, 2015 and developed by Chess Prince.

* This game contain ads so I suggest you to please turn off the internet before playing this game.

* If you want then you can also change the sound setting of the game.

* And here you will also get the option to play as a white or black.

* If you are new in chess game and want to learn chess then you can also get the option for helper and after enabling the helper option, you will get the bulb button of you screen while playing and if you will click on the bulb then the game will suggest you to play next step.

* Now first tell me that you have gone mad after playing this game with ads? then don’t worry I have the solution for this, you can get the premium subscription to remove the ads from this game.

You Can Also Change The Chessboard

So maybe some of you don’t like the chessboard color combination and if you are one of them then you can change the chessboard color and here is the step that will teach you how you can change the chessboard color:

step 1. first open the setting of the game which you will get on the main screen of the game.

step 2. now click on the settings.

step 3. in the setting you will see the different types of board on the top of the screen.

step 4. now click on the chessboard that you want to play on it.

step 5. and after clicking on the chessboard the theme of the chessboard will be downloaded on your game and will selected automatically.

step 6. now click on the back button and start playing it.

Here are the list of the chessboard color combination:

1. light theme(in this theme the boxes color would be brown and skin color.)

2. classic theme( in this theme the boxes color will be black and white.)

3. light theme( in this theme you will see the color of boxes are black and skin color.)

4. green theme( in this theme you will get the color of the boxes are green and white.)

5. dark theme( in this these you will see black and skin color of the boxes.)

6. gray theme( in this new and amazing looking theme you will get the color of the chess pieces of the opponent will be red.)

7. gold theme ( in this theme your desk table’s color will be golden)

How To Change The Game’s View?

Answer: Maybe some of you haven’t understand the question so let me first explain he question, so the question is if you want to play this game horizontally then you can play & if you want to play this game vertically then you can also do that. 

So just follow these steps to do that:

step 1. go to the game settings.

step 2. after going into the game settings just find there a view option and now click on the horizontal or vertical button to make the game screen horizontal or vertical.

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