List Of Instant Approval Article Submission Sites For 2020

If you are a blogger and you write a post on it or write an article on the website, then you will he knowledge about On-page SEO.

    What is this article submission

    It is very important to have a good SEO for a website or blog, which has two parts, on-page SEO and off-page SEO.


    on-page SEO because the article submission is under the supervision of on-page SEO.So we first know what is the articles submission site.


    article submission on-page is an effective way of SEO, with the help of this we can strengthen our article backend, we can make a high-quality backlink for our website with unfit article submission.

    This backlink can be either Dofollow or Nofollow.

    That is why, before doing article submissions on our article submission, make sure to thoroughly check that site.

    Keep these things in mind before article submission

    It is not necessary that the site on which you do your article submission will prove to be better for your site.

    That is why we should always keep these things in mind before submission

    Article Submission Guidelines

    1. Article submissions site should be HTTPS not HTTP
    2. The domain authority of the submission site should be 25+
    3. Article submissions site’s spam score should not be high
    4. The submission site is related to your niche, meaning that your website is related to technology and you are submitting on the health website.
    5. Whenever you link your website on the submission site, always use the URL of your blog or article, reduce the main URL of your website.
    6. Always add the domain of your website in the description or website URL section of the submission site.
    7. Do 5-10 articles a day submissions do not overdo

    Advantage of An Articles Submission Site


    1. Article submission is a better technique for On-page SEO.
    2. By this, we can increase traffic on our website.
    3. Our domain gets good authority.
    4. This increases brand value.
    5. Links to the referring domain for the website.
    6. These submissions improve the ranking of our site.
    7. Top rank can be found in search engines like google, bing, yahoo, and many other search engines.
    8. There is also a backlink to the site.
    9. Overall submission is beneficial for our site.
    10. And this helps in increasing the ranking and authority of our website.

    Whenever you submit an article, always keep in mind the writing point below.

    Do this before Article Submission

    Please check the spam score first on the submission site you are submitting.

    You can use this method to check the spam score.

    The tool we will use it is Spam Score Checker


    Which when opened will look like an interface

    You can enter the URL of the site and check its spam score.

    How-to Article submissions


    • Use the keyword in the article and place the keyword properly
    • Also, take care of the word length of the article.
    • The article should contain useful information.
    • Keep Tittel attractive and add your keyword to it
    • Take care of the headline and sub-headline in the article
    • Be sure to use bullet or number when making points in the article

    List of Popular FREE Article Submission Sites

    3. Medium

    Article Submission Sites With Instant Approval



    List of Popular FREE Article Submission Sites



    Know all this, what is the article submission and how is its advantage and what precautions should you take while submitting

    If I say, the article submission should always be done on the high authority site.

    The article submission site should always be related to your content.

    Make sure that you do not submit too much in a day

    As such, article submission is a good backlink provided service that provides do-follow and Nofollow backlink.

    Most importantly, it also increases the da and pa of the website, this is a great SEO strategy for your website.

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