How To Play GTA San Andreas Game In Mobile

Hello my dear friends, welcome in the new blog and in this new blog I will let you know about the process and everything about “how to play GTA San Andreas in mobile” so if you are excited and never play the GTA San Andreas in mobile yet and want to play then read the whole  blog and at the end of this blog you will have been learned the process, so let’s now start the blog.


* So here is no any more requirement for playing this game you can simply play this game in 2GB RAM devices and even in 1GB RAM devices because I have played this game in below 1GB RAM device and that was the Samsung Galaxy.

* You need only 1.6GB storage available in the mobile and if you have 1.6GB storage available in the mobile then you can play this game without any lag, but if you have exact 1.6GB storage available then it can effect your gameplay.

 Note: don’t need any type of joystick for playing the game, you will learn how to play this game later in this post.

Mission Of This Game

– so the missions is same as the mission available in the computer’s GTA San Andreas, like the stealing cars and rescuing the friend from the police, and all the missions are same as in the computer’s GTA San Andreas.

– but maybe some mission can make you angry if you will do that while playing in the mobile, but don’t worry you will enjoy the game.

How To Control This Game?

Answer – Many people from you want to know about that how will we control this game like in computer we play the game with the keyboard and mouse but how would we play this game in mobile, have we need to play the game with keyboard and mouse?, so let me tell you that no you don’t need any type of keyboard and mouse, you will simply play this game with your mobile’s touch screen.

Some extra information: mouse will replaced with your mobile’s touch and the keyboard will be replaces with buttons available on your mobile screen.

Cars & Bikes In This Game.

* So the cars will be same as the computer’s GTA San Andreas and all the bikes area also same and I want to tell you that the whole game is same as the game available in the computer, and if you want to know about the graphics of the game then it will depend of your mobile and you can also decrease and increase the graphics from the settings of the game.

How To Use Cheats In GTA San Andreas Game?

Answer: If you want to use the cheats in this game then you can simply use it by downloading the GTA San Andreas cheats and now let me tell you that how you use the cheats, so maybe you will think that we will simply type the cheats in the game, but no my friends just simply follow these steps:

Step 1. First install the cheats.

Step 2. Now open the cheats and allow the permission for floating on the screen.

Step 3. Now open your GTA San Andreas game, and now click on the floating button of the cheats and there you will get the cheats already typed and now just click on the cheat that you want to apply for example “rocket man” or “hesoyam”.

Step 4. After clicking on the cheat code your cheat code with got applied in your game.

How To Download The GTA San Andreas Game In Mobile?

Answer: Now many of your were already exited to know about that “how to download this game in mobile” so just follow these steps:

Step 1. first open any browser.

Step 2. then search in the search bar “download GTA San Andreas in mobile”.

Step 3. now open the first website which name is

Step 4. after opening the first site you have to scroll down the page and have to go down.

Step 5. there you will see so many options like the normal version or the unlimited money version but I will suggest you to just download the normal version.

Step 6. now download the cache file from there also.

Step 7. after downloading both file first install the GTA San Andreas game, and open it once.

Step 8. and after opening that game once you have to go into the internal storage of the mobile.

Step 9 after going in the storage just search there the android file and go into that file and now click on the OBB file and there you will see the GTA San Andreas’s game file just replace that with the downloaded file.

Note: If the file is compressed then first extract it and then replace it.

Step 10. After replacing just simply open the game and start playing that.

My Experience While Playing This Game In The Mobile

So my dear friends my experience was not so awesome because I was also playing this game in the computer and that is the reason why I don’t like this game too much playing in the mobile and at that time there was so much craze about these games like GTA Vice City & GTA San Andreas, many of my friends haven’t computer and they want to play this game and now let me tell you the biggest thing which can maybe be surprised you and you will think that who do this to play the games, so these were so many cafes who let us play these games for money and there were so many people who was doing this business and earning lots of money because there was so much craze for this game, because if you will go in the cafes then you have to wait for some time if you want to play the game, so this was my experience with this game and I really like this game even now because maybe this was the first open world game that I was played, and do you know that how I got this game first time, so I first time purchase this game for money, and because of the craze which I have seen in the cafes like when I played this game then I really feel that I wish I have this game, and that’s why I ask for some money to my mom and then buy this game.

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