How to Find Long Tail Keywords For SEO Using Free Tools

Hello Guys In today’s article, we will talk about the
long-tail keyword, in which you will be provided all the information related to
the long-tail keyboard, such as what are the long tail keywords?  and How to find
long-tail keywords for SEO?


So stay with us in this article today and get information
about this type of keyword long-tail keyword.

If you have a blog or you have a website, then keyword
research is very important for that.


Because we cannot make our rank in SERP without doing
keyword research. For this, it is very important to do keyword research. And in
this keyword research, we will learn to find and generate long-tail keywords. So
let’s start.


    What is The Long Tail keyword?


    This is a keyword type. Which contain keyword phrases. And
    whose word length is more than short-tail keyword.

    Long-tail keyword example


    Let’s say our keyword is How to seo, this is our short-tail

     If you increase its length with phrases, then it can become a long-tail keyword.

    Like How to seo for blogger in 2020 This is a long-tail keyword.

     Short Tail: How to seo


     long Tail: How to seo for blogger in 2020 

    Which is the Best Long Keyword Vs Short-Tail Keyword


    Short tail keywords have a shorter word length than long-tail
    keywords. Most short tail keywords are target keywords.

    Example long keyword vs short-tail keyword

      Short Tail: Keyword Research


     LongTail:  Best Keyword Research for Website in 2020

    If you want to rank your site in search engine based on
    short tail keyword
    , then it will prove difficult for you. Because the short
    tail keyword is very high and it is difficult to rank in SERP on these
    keywords. Even if the search volume of the short tail keyword is high.


    Therefore, the content of your website or blog should always
    be optimized for long-tail keywords, which increases your site rankings


     Long-tail keywords


    1. Long-tail keywords have many benefits or they prove very
      useful especially for you when your website is new. Because new website
      rankings are difficult in the initial time, but you can achieve a good rank by
      working on long-tail keywords.
    2. These keywords help in getting traffic. This allows you to
      get more target audiences on the target keyword.
    3. They must be used in new blogs and websites. With these
      keywords, we can easily rank well in search engines. They have lower
      than other keywords
    4. The biggest benefit of using long-tail keywords is that if
      you use long-tail keywords in your article, it is not necessary that your
      website or blog should be ranked only on the same long-tail keywords but also
      on short-tail keywords.
    5. It is easy to optimize these in your article.
    6. You can also find them without any paid tool. We will go
      further about this in this article.


    You might be thinking that these long-tail keywords are
    , but how to find long-tail and which long-tail keyword finder to use, then
    let’s solve this problem too.

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    How to Find Long-Tail Keywords

    keyword research


    You must have a short tail keyword or main keyword to find a
    long-tail keyboard. Without this, you cannot create long-tail keywords. Do not worry, we will tell you in full detail. 

    We will adopt
    free methods for long-tail keyword research.


    Best Long Tail Keyword Finder Tool


     1.Google AutoComplete

    Google AutoComplete Tool research


    The use of Google for long-tail keyword research is the
    best. In which you can type your main keyword and get many suggestions related
    to it.

    And Google suggests those keywords which are often searched
    by people
    . Another good thing is that you will not have any problem in finding
    keywords in it.


    2.Answer The Public


    The Answer The Public is the best tool to find long-tail
    . It shows you a unique proposition and keyword suggestion. With which
    you can easily generate long-tail keywords.

    If you enter a short keyword in it, it will show you the
    long-tail keyword as a result.


    This allows you to find only the keyword related to that


    3.Google Keyword Planner


    google Keyword Planner

    Google Keyword Planner

    This tool is the best tool for keyword research. I also use
    this tool to find most keywords.

    With this, you can easily research long-tail keywords for
    your website or blog. With this, you can find keywords of every type. Google keyword planner tool suggests keywords as well as search volume, competition and
    CPC of keywords
    Also gives information about



    This is a very popular keyword finder and keyword generator
    that shows you suggestions on any keyword. Which are useful for your long-tail keywords.

    The best thing about it is that this suggestion gets you
    shown for every search engine. That is, you can know on one tool only what
    suggestion shows in different search engines on a particular keyword.

    This saves your research time.




    ubersuggest research

    This is a popular keyword research tool, with the help of
    this you can find any type of keyword for your website or blog.

    This tool gives you good and potential long-tail keywords.

    It also suggests you keyword ideas and question base
    long-tail keyword.





    It is a paid tool. If you are ready to spend money to find
    long-tail keywords, then you must use the LongTailPro tool. It provides you with
    additional features for research. This is the most used tool to generate long-tail keywords.


    7.WordTracker Keyword Tool


    Is the best seo and keyword research tool. With the help of
    this, you can easily find long-tail keywords for yourself.

    This tool is best because you can take the best profitable
    long-tail keyword ideas in it.

    This is a paid tool but you can research 100 keywords in the


    8.Search related to

    Search related to


    Whenever you do a Google search, in the search results, you
    have some of the most suggested shows, these are the suggestions that people
    often and the suggestions that these shows are related to
    your search query.

    With this, you can make your short tail keyword long tail


    9.Keyword Everywhere


    This is an extension. Add to your browser and whenever you
    do any query search in your browser, it shows you many keywords related to that

    In this, you get the suggestion of both long-tail keyword
    and short tail keyword.

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