How To Download & Play GTA Vice City In Mobile

Hello My dear friends in this new blog I am going to share with you the trick to download & play GTA Vice City Game in mobile, so this blog would be awesome for you if you will read this blog carefully, and please don’t skip any part of this blog because I will tell you everything related to the GTA Vice City Game, for example if you want to know about “how to use cheat codes in GTA Vice City game in mobile”, so now let’s start this blog

Can We Really Play The GTA Vice  City Game In Mobile?

Answer: Yes, we can play the GTA Vice City game in mobile, so like you I also wasn’t believing this could be possible but after seeing my friend playing the GTA Vice City game in mobile, I also ask to him for getting it in my mobile.

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How To Download GTA Vice City Game In Mobile?

Answer: Just follow these steps to download the GTA Vice City Game:

Step 1. first open any browser in your mobile.

Step 2. now search “download GTA Vice City Game for mobile”.

Step 3. now click on the first website which name is “apkvision”.

Step 4. scroll down and click on the “Download APK v1.09”

Step 5. after download the APK file, now download the OBB file of this game by clicking on the “Download OBB/Cache v1.09” button

Step 6. now install the game and after installing the game first extract the OBB file of the game, and past it into the OBB file of android file of internal storage of your mobile and maybe there would be already a file with the same name of the download file, so replace that file while pasting the into the OBB folder.

Step 7. now simply open your game and start playing this amazing game and enjoy.

[Note: This is not necessary that you download the files from the apkvision website you can download the game from other websites also.]

How To Play GTA Vice City Game In Mobile?

Answer: after installing the game you should know that how you will play the game without mouse and keyboard because in computer you can play the game with mouse and keyboard but in mobile you have to play with your mobile screen as a mouse and the buttons available on the screen as a keyboard. You will have the button for going forward and for backward and for entering into a car and for going outside of the car and and you can anything that you can do in the computer’s version of GTA San Andreas game.

Requirements For Running GTA San Andreas Game in the mobile

* So if you want to play this game without any lag then you need a device with minimum 3 GB RAM and if you want to play this game in the device which have only 2 GB RAM then it will not effect your game so much. 

*You also have to make sure that you have 1.4GB space available in your mobile because the file size of the GTA Vice City game is approximately 1.35 GB.

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Graphics Of This Game

* So graphics of this game will depend on your mobile because you will need a good device with good graphics if you want to play with the best graphic in this game, for example if you are playing this game in OnePlus 9 mobile then definitely you will see good graphics in this game.

* You can also customize the settings of this game like if you don’t want the sound of this game then you can simply disable the sound from the settings of this game.

* Some of the people think that this mobile version will not have the good quality of the cars, so don’t worry about it I have already played this game so many times and I can say that you will get good quality of cars also.

How To Use The Cheats In GTA Vice City Game?

Answer: So simply follow these steps to know the trick that how you can use the cheats in GTA Vice City Game:

Step 1. first of all search “GTA Vice City Cheater APK” in any browser.

Step 2. and now click on the first website which is again apkvision.

Step 3. Scroll down and download the cheater APK.

Step 4. after downloading and installing this APK simply open it one time and then open your game.

Step 5. and now you will see a icon which will be floating on your mobile screen and now if you want to use any code simply click on the icon and then select any code that you want to use.

[Note: You can’t type any word in the cheater app, you just have to select the code that you want to use and there will be available all the codes of the GTA Vice City Game.]

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How To Hide GTA Vice City Game From Parents?

Answer: So if you want to Hide GTA Vice City Game From Parents then simply follow these steps:

Step 1. Simply click on the settings of your mobile.

Step 2. then click on the App section.

Step 3. now click on App lock.

Step 4. and there you will see the option for hidden apps, so simply click on it.

Step 5. now search GTA Vice City game in the search bar.

Step 6. when you will find the game then enable the button to hide that game.

Let’s Talk About The GTA Vice City Ultimate Games

So the GTA Vice City Ultimate game is same as the GTA vice city game but the difference between is you can get the super bikes and also the super cars in that game for example you will Ferrari and the Lamborghini and many more game but the whole game will not change there would be some changes in the map of the GTA vice city game like you will get the area like a mountain at the beach and you will also get the special place for doing stunts. You will get the stunt bike at the place of the scooter which you get in the starting of the game.

You will also get some powerful cheat codes for example if you will use the Shift button and then “7” then you will get the Ferrari car immediately and do you know that you can also make that car solid, so now what is this “solid” means so the solid means your car will became the solid as rock none can destroy your car and if you will hit any car then that car will be damaged fully in just one hit, if you have played the GTA San Andreas then you will know about the superman punch cheat, so this cheat code also work like that.

If you want to understand it with just some words then GTA Vice City is just a upgraded version of the GTA Vice City game and in GTA Vice City game there are so many cheat codes which you can use by using shortcut keys. Do you know that the bike which was standing at the corner of the building is replaced by a super bike of Yamaha and the helicopter is replaced by the hot air balloon, but for your information there is no any change in mission of the game.

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