How to Create Backlinks Step By Step (With Effective Methods)

Whenever it comes to ranking in a search engine, we have to adopt the SEO technique and factor so that our website can also achieve top rank in search engines.

Today one of the same seo techniques will be known about Backlinks Creation, with the help of which you can create good backlinks for your website.

So that your site can also achieve a good rank in SERP


If we create good and high-quality backlinks for our website, then the authority of our website increases as well as the website gets ranked on good content.

Therefore it is important to have good quality backlinks along with the content of the website.

In today’s article, you will know How to Create Backlinks Step By Step. So stay with us in this article to create a backlink to your website, So let’s start.

    What is a Good Quality Backlinks?

    The backlink is an incoming link to any website, it is useful for ranking the website.

    If your website has good quality backlinks and your content is also unique and informative, then your site performs well in any search engine.

    Some terms associated with backlink

    1.Internal link

    When we add a link to another article in the content or article of our website

    2.External link

    When we add a link to another site in the content of our website

    3.Do-follow Link

    When a link is added to a webpage, it is by default do-follow and the website gets link juice from these links.

    4.No-follow Link

    To make the link to any webpage no-follow, a no-follow tag is added to it.No-follow links have no role in website ranking

    5.High-quality link

    High-quality backlinks are useful in quick ranking of website

    6.Low-quality link

    These are harmful to the website. Low quality link means they are links to a spam site or harm website.

    7.Anchor text

    Anchor text is used to add any link. This is an attribute tag.

    How To Create Backlinks Step By Step


    So you can prepare a good backlink for your website by following the below-given methods


    1.Free Broken Link Building

    Creating a backlink is sometimes easy and sometimes it seems difficult. But you can easily create backlinks to your website with broken link building. 


    Broken link building is the free and best technique of SEO. Which gives you a good do-follow backlink for your website.

    What is a Broken Link?

    The links which have expired or are not working, such links are called broken links.

    This is a free method. In which you have a chance of getting a high-quality backlinks. and this is the right way to create backlinks and in this way, we avoid getting spam links for our site.

    2.Creative Guest Posting

    Guest posting of page is the most effective way of seo technique. And it is also the most effective way to create high-quality backlink.

    If you want to increase the backlink power of your website or blog, then guest blogging will prove useful for you.

    What is guest posting?

    In guest posting, you make the post written by your public on another website.

    That is, you give a post written by you to publicize the post to another website. And in that post, you add a link to your website. Those will do the backlink work for you.

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    3.Create and Share Website Content Ebook

    In today’s time, ebook is a new and unique way in which you can get backlinks and good referral traffic for your website.


    For this, you have to prepare your website’s content and share it on the document-sharing website.

    You can also add a link to the article of other posts of your website in the ebook which you are ready.

    This method will also give you backlinks and by adopting this method, traffic on your site will also increase. This will be an essay way for you.

    4.Publish Full and Complete Guide Content

    According to me, if the content of your website is a powerful and complete guide, then it is not only useful for your backlink, but it also represents the quality of your website.


    Now you must be thinking how to get backlink by writing great content, so let’s know about it

    If we keep the content of our website fully informative and unique, then other people can use the link of the webpage of our website for internal linking in their content.

    I know that there are very few chances in this way to take backlink because it has very little chance that people use the link of our website on their website for internal linking.

    But you should always keep your content the best because the content of your website is the life of your website, even though it reduces the chance of getting a backlink, but it can improve the quality and ranking of your website because search engines are unique, complete guide, And recommends only information containing content

    5.Correct Internal linking

    Whenever we link a page of our website with another page, then the users use internal linking. Internal linking makes our website article even more useful and creative.

    This is the most powerful technique of SEO.


    Now you must be thinking that this internal linking is only with the link of our website but how is it useful for backlinks, let’s know about it

    Role of internal linking in backlinks

    Whenever you create any backlinks for a webpage of a website.

    That webpage gets the link juice for that backlink. If the webpage for which you have prepared the backlink is linked to another webpage by internal linking on that webpage, then the link to that backlink will be added to that webpage. And it will be very helpful even from the crawling point of you.

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    6.Analysis Your Competitor

    If you know that your website is related to and related website, then you can also easily create a backlink build for your website by analyzing the backlinks of those websites.

    Whenever you analyze a competitor’s website related to the category of your website Then you can get information about the backlinks of his website.


    And you can easily know that your competitor said that backlinks Keep it And it is also known that which backlinks are do-follow and which backlink is no-follow.

    You can use the SEO Tool to analyze your competitor’s website. Such as Ahref backlink checker, Ubersuggest, SEMrush etc.

    7.Commenting (Some time)

    When it comes to creating backlink, often we create backlink by commenting, so that we get a backlink for our website.

    When we share the link of our webpage in the comment section of another website or blog, then our website gets a backlink from it, this backlink can be do-follow or no-follow.

    But I will rarely suggest to create a backlink by commenting.

    Commenting on any other website and taking backlink can lead to the following loss.

    1. If you add a link to your webpage in the comment section of any website and the spam score of that website is high, then it will also affect your website.

    2. If you add your link to a comment of a website and comment it, then the comment is reviewed by the author of the website.

     If your comment use is correct, then it will
    the use otherwise, it can also delete that comment and It can tell about spam which is not good for your website.

    3. It is also not that when you do comment and take a backlink then you will not only get a do-follow backlink but you can also get a no-follow backlink.

    And if there are more no-follow backlinks on your website, then it can also improve your website’s spam score.

    Monitor Backlink Using Tools

    You can use this tool to monitor the backlink of a website coming from any website or the backlink of another website.

    1. Ahref backlink checker
    2. SEMrush
    3. Moz’s Link Explorer


    You know how to Create Backlinks Step By Step but take care when you always create backlinks
    Because misplacing backlinks can create problems for your website.

    Take the following precautions when creating backlinks

    1. Must check the site’s spam score
    2. Site related to your website
    3. Check the authority of the site
    4. Site not harm
    5. Commenting on the website should be related to the content of the site.

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