Best Off Page SEO Techniques For Blog (2023)

Seo has an important role in any blog. Without seo, you cannot make
your blog stands up in SERP.

And to improve the seo score of a blog, the following types of SEO have to be

  1. On-page seo
  2. Off-page seo
  3. Technical seo

So in today’s article containing information on this seo, we will know about
those best off page seo techniques for blog.

Which will be helpful for the improvement of your blog’s seo score.

So let’s start without wasting time.


What is Off-Page SEO

Off-page Seo (search engine optimization) is that seo. In which we work
outside the blog.


Meaning, just as on-page seo we do seo internally on the blog, similarly in off-page seo, work is done outside the blog to make the blog fully seo friendly. Which is called off-page seo.

Many believe this. That by preparing good content and
creating backlinks for good off-page SEO, our blog will achieve a
good rank.


But it is not so. If we create good content and create backlinks, then we will
rank but will not be able to achieve the
top ranking in search engines.

Creating backlink is not just off-page SEO.

There are many techniques for that. Which we will know in this article.

Best Off-Page SEO Techniques for Blog

Create Social Profile For Blog


Whenever you create your new blog, you must create a social media
profile for that.

Engagement with social media in Startup will be beneficial for your blog because when your blog is new. Then he has no identity and authority.

And the blog is not even ranking in the search engine.

So the best way to get initial visitors and to promote your blog is
social media engagement.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is the free and best technique Off-Page SEO. Which
gives you a good dofollow backlink for your blog.


What is a broken link?

The links which have expired or are not working, such links are called broken

For Broken link building, you have to use an extension check my links.

With which you can check the Broken links of any blog or website and you can contact about those Broken from the website’s owner.

Tell them about the broken link. And you ask them the URL of your blog can ask
for linking.

Podcast Submission

Podcast submission off-page is the best technique of SEO. With the help of this technique, you can get a good backlink for your blog.

For podcast submission of your blog, you have to record your podcast. To record your podcast you can use your mobile, in which you will get applications to record podcasts.

When your podcast is ready, you can submit on the Use Podcast Submission


These techniques will definitely prove beneficial for your blog.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Often people know about social sites but do not know about social bookmarking


But you may not know that
social bookmarking sites can be helpful for traffic to your blog and promotion of your blog.

Also, Social Bookmarking helps in improving the quality of your blog.


In this process of social bookmarking, you submit your blog to different
social bookmarking sites.

Guest Posting

If you also want to bring referral traffic to your blog then and if you want
to gain high-quality backlinks then guest posting is the best off-page seo

If you get a backlink from a good website with the help of guest posting, then
it will help in improving the authority and quality of your blog.

What is guest posting?

When we give an article or post to another blogger or to a website owner

And we have a link to our blog in that article or post.

Whenever a post written by us is made public on another blog or website,
through that blog post, we increase the chances of getting referral traffic for
our blog.

Because that post contains the URL of our blog and with the help of this guest
posting process, we get a high-quality backlink for our blog.

When posting a guest, keep these things in mind

  1. Make guest posting on always related blog
  2. DA and PA must check the blog or website on which the guest wants to post.
  3. Prepare for high-quality content for guest posting and must have the URL of your blog post in it. read unique content

Web2.0 Submission

Off pages are talking about seo technique and we do not submit Web2.0

Web2.0 Submission is a website that can prove useful in the backlink creation
of your blog.

In this technique, you will have to create your account on your Web2.0
Submission site and you will have to make the content public there.

In which the URL of your blog post is also included.

Article submission

When we make the post public on our blog, it must be submitted on the popular
article submission site.

This increases the chance of traffic coming to your blog, as well as the
possibility of getting backlink from article submission.

Search Engine Submission

When we create our blog, then we must create a sitemap of the blog and submit
it to the search engine.

So that our blog can also be shown in search results if we do not submit our
blog to the search engine

So there is no chance of organic traffic coming to our blog, for this we need
our blog Search engine submission must.

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