Best Game For Car Lovers In Android Mobile

Traffic Racer

* Traffic Racer game is a game in which you will see so many cars and this is one of the reason why I say that “Best Game For Car Lovers In Android Mobile”, so this is not a racing game as some of you will think because the name of game is “Traffic Racer” this game is free driving game and you will so many cars and you can also customize that cars for your satisfaction.

The Car Which Is Available In This Game

Now I will show you the list of the car’s name available in this game, and 

1) Bugatti Veyron

2) Audi RS5

3) Aston Martin DB9

4) Lamborghini Huracan

5) Audi S3 Sport Back

6) Dodge Challenger

7) Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse

8) Land Rover

9) BMW M3

10) Ferrari F355

*Note: There are so many cars which I have not added in this above list.

Q. How many mode available in this game?

Ans. Here are so many modes available like police mode and one-way(endless) mode and some more which I will tell you now, so let’s see this.

1) One-Way(Endless) – In this mode you can simply drive the car in traffic and there will be only one-way and I know some of you are children and maybe they don’t know about the one-way roads, so one way road is like a road in which no other car can come from that road, you have seen so many times that there is one-way roads on highway and who want to come back then he have to get turn and have to go on other side of road. so it is simple as it’s name, now you can earn points by overtaking the cars in the game after crossing 100KM/H.

2) Two-Way(Endless) – In this mod you can simply drive the cars in two way road in which you will have only two lane to drive cars and if you wan then you can overtake the cars by simply using the second lane and do you know that you will also earn some more points if you will overtake the cars after crossing the 100KM/H, and I also want to suggest your some cars which you can drive in this mode for better experience and I suggest you a Aston Martin, because that car’s speed is also good for this mode and you can easily earn so many points for getting more cash.

3) Time Trial – In this amazing mode you will get some time like 100 seconds and in that seconds you can drive the car and if you will got crashed then you will come back and can drive the car again and it will happen till your time is got over and do you know that I don’t suggest you to play this mode because if you want to earn more money then just play the simple one way mode and earn lot’s of money and don’t need to play this type of mode for just passing the time.

4) Free Ride – As the name of this mode is telling that in this mod you will not earn any money and will not do anything except driving the car, and guys in my suggestion this is one of the best mode because do you know that you can also control the traffic on the road like if you want to drive the car in very crowdy area then you can do that by increasing the traffic percentage and if you want to test any car speed then you can also test it by making the traffic at 0% and in my suggestion this is very awesome mode.

5) Police Chase – As the name is telling that in this mode you have to catch the thief with your car and you have to crash thief’s car with your car so that you can catch him and do you know that if you want to play this mode then you will need a police car and if you don’t have the police car unlocked then the mode will locked till you purchase the police car, this restriction also make this mode awesome and do you know that I really like this mod very well and I also wan to suggest you to play this mode.

6) Daily Bonus – So this mode is literally golden opportunity for you to earn money because do you know that like in the one way and two way mode you got some point s after crossing the speed of 100KM/H, like that in this mode you will earn money at the place of the points and that is the reason why I am saying this mode a golden opportunity if you are agree with me then tell me in the comment box, and now maybe you will ask that why don’t we play this mode only and earn money so I want to tell you that you can play this mode once in a day. I want to tell you some more things about the daily bonus mode like you will ambulance to drive in this mode and you don’t need to reach 100KM/H to start earning cash you can simply earn cash in the speed of 80KM/H or 90KM/H And you would given a time like 100 second and in that 100 seconds you can earn so many cash and if you will got crashed then no matter, you will come alive till the time is running and do you know that if you want then also enable the continuous horn of ambulance and after doing this you can earn lot’s of money because everyone will start changing there lane and you can go through them. I want to tell you about the feature of getting more lives with seeing the ads and you will get 50 second, and you can get the extra live only once after getting finished of seconds.

Some cars which will give you some extra lives:

1) Truck

2) Range Rover

3) Police Car (Note: if you will purchase this car then you will also get one mode unlocked.)

4) BMW

Customization which you can do with cars.

1. Paint – You can paint the cars with some multi colors like you can select one color from the color library and if you want then you can also select any color from the color maker like you have only 7 seven colors.








If you don’t like the colors from these then you can also go in the color maker and can choose any colors, like dark and bright.

2. Alloy Wheels – There are 30 alloy wheels you have and if you want then you can choose any and you already get 4 alloy wheel unlocked and other alloy wheel would locked and you have to unlock it with money.

Upgrade – You have 3 things in upgrade:

* Speed – You can increase the speed of the car.

* Handling – By upgrading this feature you can increase the handling of the car like if you want then you can easily move you car right and left.

* Braking – If you will increase this feature then you will get some powerful brake you can stop the car
in any speed.

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