12+ Techniques To Reduce Bounce Rate For Website in (2020)

You are a blogger or a website owner, then you know what is the importance of SEO for our site.

12+ Techniques To Reduce Bounce Rate For Website in (2020)

But even after SEO, the ranking of the site is not increasing, then it can have a region of bounce rate.

In this article, we will know what the bounce rate is due to it and how you can reduce the bounce rate of your site.

    What is Bounce Rate?

    Visitors or users who visit your website. And how long you remain available on your site, that is, how long you stay on your site. How much time you spend on your site.

    But when the visitor comes to your website and stops for 1 to 10 seconds, then this reduces the visiting time of your site which is called bounce rate.

    High Bounce Rate =  Website Rank (High)

    Low Bounce Rate = ↑ Website Rank (Low) 

    How to Check Website Bounce Rate?

    You can use Google Analytics, Google’s tool to check the bounce rate of your website, which shows a realtime bounce rate.

    What should be the Bounce Rate of the Website?

    If the bounce rate of your site is between 25 and 60 then it is best if it is between 60 and 70, then the bounce rate is high.

    And a bounce rate above 70 is not good for your site, it is a danger for your website.

    Top 5 Reasons To Increase Bounce Rate

    1. Your content is not used to full or information.
    2. When your site’s loading time is more.
    3. Post information as per your title.
    4. Page not mobilefriendly.
    5. Improved navigation of your site and reduced loading speed.

    Create User-Friendly Interface

    Whenever a visitor comes to our site for the first time, his first focus is on the site design and how the site looks.

    If the color combination of the menu, text on your site is good.

    Reduce Bounce Rate

    There is a userfriendly interface and good navigation, so the user has a good impression of the website so that the user does not rush out of your website and he remains the visitor of your site for a good time.

    Loading Speed of Your Site

    When the user comes to your site, the impression of our site falls on the page speed in front of the user, if the page speed is low then the page delays will be loaded and the user will “bounce” from your site and move to another site.

    It is very important for page speed to be fast. Believe me, you can use pagespeed insights google tool

    By entering your URL in it, you can know the speed of your page on both mobile and desktop.


    If it recommends all those reasons, then you are creating a problem in the perforation of your site.

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     Browser Compatibility

    It is necessary to support a website in every browser. If your site does not support every browser, then the bounce rate of your site may be increased.


    Sometimes the text font style of our site is not supported in every browser.

    Write Readable Content

    If your content is not written correctly then the user will not be able to read your content and it will be exited from your site.


    Follow these points to make your content readable and easy to read.

    1. Write the content of your post in such a way that you write in your notebook, which comes to mind as you read. Engaged in watching and reading to see if something worked.
    2. Use space in your paragraph that will create white space between the sentences of your post, such as in your notebook.
    3. Use headings and subheading in content that makes it easy to read content.
    4. Do not keep the font size of the content of your post too small or too big.
    5. Write only 3 to 4 sentences in each of your paragraphs.
    6. Use numbers and bullet points.
    7. Add your suggestion or conclusion.
    8. Content must be informational.

    Use Multimedia in your Content

    According to me, this method is the best way to make your content attractive and superb, in which you can use multimedia in your content.


    In which you

    • Image
    • Infographics
    • PDF
    • video

    Can use etc.

    Add Youtube Videos to your Page

    This is the most powerful full point to reduce the bounce rate of your site, in which you can embed youtube videos in your content.


    But keep in mind that the video should be in the language in which your post is written.

    And the video is related to the content of your post

    Increase Your Content-Length

    If the length of your content is less then the bounce rate will be increased, for this you should increase the length of your content

    Keep your word length 1000+

    But you should not add unrelated content to increase the length of content

    Benefits of increasing the length of content

    • With this, you can use more keywords in your post.
    • A visitor spends more time on content.
    • Your bounce rate will also be decreased.

    Use Table of Contents

    It is very important to have a table of content in your post.

    This allows the visitor to jump directly to the heading or paragraph about which they want to learn.

    This is a plus point for your site, this table of content is beneficial for your website for other reasons.

    Add Related Posts And Article

    In the widget, footer, or sidebar of your website, you link a related post or article to your content, which gives a good impression in front of the visitor.

    And this increases the chance of increasing the page view of your site.

    Do Internal linking

    When you are ready to post, then do internal linking in it, which are links to your other articles.

    Reduce Bounce Rate

    This makes your post even more information. Only post internally that is related to the content

    Add Proper Navigation

    Navigation is the biggest factor in navigating your site by the user.

    If the navigation of your site such as a menu, search bar, social bar, sidebar, widget, the footer is not correct, then it affects your site ranking.

    And they create a bad impact on the user.

    For this, keep the navigation of the website good and working.

    Keep Site HTTPS

    "Reduce Bounce Rate"

    Many times people ignore this point, but it is very important to have a website.

    If the visitor comes to your site, he wants the information from the site should be secure, so you should keep your website https.

    Check if there is an error in your site

    Many times it happens that we take care to post. Do not visit your page, but sometimes the page has some error.

    "Bounce Rate"

    This is not in our attention, so you should visit your website from time to time.


    If you follow all these points, the bounce rate of your site will definitely be decreased.

    For this, you have to prepare good content and also follow all these points.

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